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CEN® Prep Exam

Two Options Available

BCEN® now offers two CEN Prep Exams through its test development vendor. The original 50-question version is still available, but due to numerous requests, BCEN is now offering a 150-question CEN Prep Exam.

Both CEN Prep Exams match the blueprint of the CEN exam. The prep exams conform to the specifications of the CEN exam, both in terms of content and average difficulty level. The CEN Prep Exams are revised approximately every 4 years.

50-Question CEN Prep Exam—although the content coverage is not as broad (the prep exam is 50 questions, whereas the CEN exam is 150), it is still intended to reflect the knowledge level required of an emergency nurse. The questions represent each category of the CEN Content Outline by one third. For example, the category of Patient Care Management has 21 questions in the CEN exam and 7 on this prep exam. The 50-question CEN Prep Exam costs $30.

150-Question CEN Prep Exam—this prep exam contains the same 50 questions found in the 50-question version plus an additional 100 questions. These 150 questions equally represent each category of the CEN Content Outline. The 150-question CEN Prep Exam costs $75.

Advantages to Taking the CEN Prep Exam 

Taking the CEN Prep Exam will help you in the following ways:

  • Take an exam that matches the CEN exam (but not the same questions) via computer. The questions on the prep exam are presented in essentially the same computer format as the CEN exam; the screens and commands are similar. This feature is valuable in allaying those fears created by not knowing what to expect.
  • Experience the types of questions you will be asked on the CEN exam. All questions on the prep exam have been used previously in a version of the CEN exam. By taking the prep exam, you can experience the types of questions written for the CEN exam.
  • Use the prep exam in two different ways. You can approach the exam two different ways—to get feedback or to predict performance on the CEN exam. With certain limitations, you can actually complete the prep exam using both strategies.
  • Answer questions and receive feedback. You can immediately grade each of your responses and then see the correct answer with a rationale and references.
  • Predict your performance on the CEN exam. Take the examination just like you would take the actual CEN exam by simply answering each question, and use the results to compare your performance to likely CEN performance.* You will receive a score report that identifies the number of correct answers in each content area. This is helpful in identifying content areas of strength and content areas needing further preparation.
*Scores reported reflect only a likely CEN exam performance. BCEN makes no guarantees as to the success of a CEN candidate that has taken the prep exam. Taking the prep exam is not required to be eligible to sit for the CEN exam.

Ways to Use the CEN Prep Exam 

Once you are signed up for the prep exam, you have access to it for a maximum of 90 days. During that time, you can open the exam as often as you like, and you can decide whether answers are shown or not shown. Once you show an answer (by clicking the “Grade" button), you will not be able to change your answer. Upon completion of the exam, you are given the option of obtaining a score report. Once you ask for a score report (by clicking on the “Finish" button), you will no longer have access to the prep exam. This allows you to use the prep exam in whatever manner you desire.

You can use the CEN Prep Exam to do either or both of the following: 
  • Predict performance—If you only want to predict performance on the CEN exam, simply take the exam and get the report. If you do not perform up to expectations or want explanations or references, then you can register again and concentrate on the strategy of receiving feedback (note that with this approach, a second fee would be required).
  • Get feedback.* If you want feedback, simply open the test as often as you like, and click on the "Grade" button to score each response and get feedback. Once you click the "Grade" button, you will not be able to change your answer. A red "X" will appear for incorrect answers, and a green check for correct answers, and an explanation and reference appear below. Until you ask for a score report, you can access the prep exam as many times as you wish within the 90-day period.
  • Use both strategies. If you want to use both strategies, you should answer all questions, allowing approximately 1 minute per question. When you are comfortable with your “final answer” to each question (either during your first testing session or later), click the ”Grade” button to see the explanations and references. Remember that each time you end a session you will have a choice to either “Exit” and come back and finish later, or “Finish,” which will end your opportunity to access the test. When you are finished, you can use the score you achieved to predict performance. As long as you have provided your final answers without using resource materials in the allotted time frame, your score on the prep test will be useful in predicting performance.
*Recognizing that some users of this product will want answers to questions, BCEN has provided the feedback option. However, the primary goals of the CEN Prep Exams are to predict exam performance and introduce both the computerized format and the types of questions on the CEN exam. This is an excellent tool to consider after studying for the exam using other review material.

Computer Requirements

An HTML 4.0 compatible browser such as Internet Explorer with cookies enabled and an HTML-capable e-mail account for delivery of instructions and feedback reports are required.

Prep Exam Registration Process

Sign up, receive a confirmation, instructions, and a password in your e-mail account. Please note that the required fee must be paid by credit card. The credit card statement will show the fee being paid to LXR.

Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification

BCEN's Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN®) and Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN®) credential have been accredited by the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC)

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