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BCEN® Advocacy Project:
Letter From BCEN Chairperson 2012 - 2013

Following is a letter from C. Lynne Grief, PhD, RN, CEN®.  Dr. Grief speaks to the importance of specialty nursing certification organizations working together to advocate for the acceptance of RN specialty nursing certifications for CE or CC requirements.

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Dear Colleagues:

It is imperative that registered nurses receive recognition for their ongoing commitment to quality and providing for their patients’ best interest.  Obtainment of specialty certification elevates nursing practice.  As a consequence, the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN) initiated an ongoing project promoting specialty certification as a mechanism to meet a state’s continuing education and competence.  Additionally, BCEN’s certification project encourages employers to promote and reward certification of its RN workforce, which in turn enhances better patient care and increases the quality of the workplace.

In order to support this project, BCEN has developed an advocacy toolkit that can be used at the grassroots-level to obtain the support of your policymakers and the employer community in this endeavor.  Each tool was developed to be particularly suited to diverse, coalition efforts and can be customized to your specific state situation.

BCEN knows that as the RN specialty certified workforce, you understand firsthand the rigor and commitment it takes to become and maintain your status as a certified RN.  BCEN is proud to be a leader in this area, bringing together all interested RN certified specialties to work hand-in-hand to promote certification across our legislative and regulatory leaders, workplaces and health care colleagues for our patients.  It is excellence in quality care that binds us for we, as certified RNs, know that our patients deserve the best prepared health care workforce available to them.

We hope this toolkit will enable you and your specialty RN colleagues to help convince our critics, motivate those who work with us, and continue to let our patients know that certified RNs are standouts among the crowd in continuing learning and advancing their specialty practice.

Sincerely yours,

C. Lynne Grief, PhD, RN, CEN
Chairperson 2012 - 2013
Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing


Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification

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