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Why Certify?

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There are many reasons why you should achieve a BCEN® certification.  In addition to the valuable reasons listed further below, click here to learn how your BCEN specialty certification may be used towards your CE or CC requirements when renewing your RN licensure. 

Need encouragement? Click here to listen to first-hand accounts of how BCEN certification has enhanced emergency nurses' careers.

A specialty certification is a mark of distinction that highlights your professional accomplishments, elevates you and differentiates you in your workplace. BCEN® certifications:

  • Signify your expertise and nursing specialty standards
  • Enhance personal confidence in your knowledge and skills
  • Promote respect and recognition from colleagues and patients
  • Validate your qualifications and competencies to current and potential employers
  • Strengthen your patients’ belief in your abilities and your institution’s reputation for hiring outstanding staff
  • Increase job security and empowerment
  • Can help advance your career and earning potential
  • Show your commitment to the highest level of, and latest developments in, patient care.

“I believe wholeheartedly in the value of certification. Passing the certification exam really frees you in many ways to practice the art of nursing because you believe in the science of what you know."
– Kathleen R. Albert, MSN, RN, CEN, CPEN

The objectives of certification are to promote quality emergency nursing care by:
  • Establishing a level of knowledge, competency, requirements and achievements;
  • Measuring the attainment of a defined body of knowledge needed to function at a current, competent level;
  • Encouraging participation in continuing education;
  • Promoting professional development and career advancement;
  • Providing employers, patients and peers a mechanism to recognize knowledgeable professionals; and
  • Promoting self confidence.
Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification

BCEN's Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN®), Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN®) and Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse (CPEN®) credential have been accredited by the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC).

Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association