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Support and Recognize Certification

Emergency, Flight/Transport and Trauma care nurses who have earned BCEN® certifications demonstrate a mastery of a rigorous body of nursing knowledge across the speciality nursing continuum. Certification requires countless hours of hard work prior to taking the certifying exam; dedication and commitment to the goal are key.

Specialty nursing certification makes a difference to patients and the nursing community, according to the ABNS & CCI Nursing Certification and Competency Summit. BCEN's Emergency Department Nurse Manager Survey showed that employers' support of continued growth in knowledge and critical thinking skills pertaining to emergency nursing, associated specialties, and its subspecialties indicates that employers are committed to high-quality continuing education and better patient care.

While some hospitals and emergency care facilities have a formal program to assist nurses in achieving their BCEN certifications, many do not, and the path to certification must be driven solely by the individual's commitment to excellence. But all nurses who have earned a professional certification deserve the respect and recognition of their colleagues and supervisors.

Institutions and their nurse managers as well as individual nurses who have earned their certification can gain recognition in a variety of formal and informal ways. Click the links on the left to learn how you can recognize certified nurses in your organization or gain recognition for your own accomplishments! You'll be glad you did.


Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification

BCEN's Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN®), Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN®) and Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse (CPEN®) credential have been accredited by the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC).

Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association